Woolfe Street Playhouse

Village Kids on Woolfe

2015 / 2016 Workshops and Classes

Village Kids Workshops and Classes are designed to enhance the theatrical experience while providing education and training to children of all ages.

Our diverse programming taught by theatre professionals encourages collaboration and active imaginations.Our programs teach kids to work together, boost their self esteem, and broaden their horizons!  Register by phone at 843 856-1579. All major credit cards accepted.

Village Teen Auditions- The Addams Family $325

August through October 2015

Auditions for THE ADDAMS FAMILY are  Tuesday, August 18th from 4-6:30.

 ALL actors must provide a contemporary comedic monologue from a play. Movies or self-written monologues are discouraged. The monologue should not exceed 90 seconds. If you cannot find a monologue, try first. Then if you still can’t, email me, and I can help. 

All actors must bring sheet music of 32 bars of a song from a contemporary musical. If you do not have sheet music, you will not be permitted to audition. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS will be considered for most roles. Middle Schoolers who participate in Zombie Prom may audition for ENSEMBLE roles.
At 6:00, all are required for a movement audition. Bring comfortable clothes and soft-sole shoes or jazz shoes.
NOTHING IS PRE-CAST. If you audition, it is assumed that you will take any role that you are given.

Performances are Thursday, October 29 th and Friday October 30 th at 7:00 and Saturday, October 31 st at 2:00 and 6:00. Most rehearsals are Saturdays.

Selected students will be contacted within 48 hour and tuition arrangements made at that time

 ( Ages 14- 18)  Go to BUY TICKETS to register

Village Kids and Co. Village Teens Troupe and Production - with Mary Fishburne $325

August 22 through October 31st, 2016


The Village Rep is looking for talented teens between 14 and 18 years of age. Teens looking for a CHALLENGE and an outlet. While this course will cultivate the educational strategies of preparing a musical, and employing a professional technique, it will also focus on the process of putting on a full scale professional quality musical. We are looking to challenge participants and move them forward in many different facets of the musical theatre discipline.

Directed by Mary Fishburne  Fall  production- The Addams Family.  Tony Award winning musical comes to the Woolfe Street Stage!

Tuition is $325.00  for selected students.  Troupe class/rehearsals will begin on  August 22 and will meet most Saturdays from 12-4  pm at Woolfe Street Playhouse. Mandatory rehearsals will also be the week of October 25th every day afterschool with the full production opening Thursday October 29th, 2016


Musical  The Addams Family August 22 - October 31 (for ages 14 -18)

Village Kids Theatre for Youth Afterschool Program 2015-16 $300

November 3 through February 6


Village Kids Theatre for Youth  Troupe will meet on  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm with instructor Derek T, Pickens

For the 2015-2016 school year, we will be working towards a production of Zombie Prom to be produced in February 2016.

The mission of the troupe is to develop students’ theatrical skills, confidence on stage, character development, collaboration and to foster an overall love of theatre. Students will experience and learn the importance of the dramatic process, learning the “in’s and out’s” of what goes on in preparation for a theatrical production.

Tuition $300.00 per semester.  Session November 3rd through February 6th

Auditions will be held at Woolfe Street Playhouse October 20th. All students wishing to be a part of Village Kids Troupe must audition. Please prepare a short monologue and 32 bars of sheet music. No A Cappella.

(ages 11-16) 

Auditions for Village Kids Musical- Zombie Prom

October 20

4:30 pm OCTOBER 20TH at Woolfe Street Playhouse. This troupe is for children 11 to 16.
Please prepare a short monologue and 32 bars of a pop/rock show tune Please bring sheet music, no A Capella.


Selected students will have an opportunity to join troupe. Tuition is $300.00 and payment will be arranged After auditions have been completed and Cast Lists are announced.

Troupe will begin on November 3rd with rehearsals running Tuesdays and Thursdays until February performances.