Woolfe Street Playhouse

$20 - $30


February 28 through March 15

directed by Keely Enright

Winner of Britain’s Olivier Award, Tom Stoppard’s adaptation of this french play by Gerald Sibleyras, is playful, bawdy and heartbreaklingly sweet. Gustave, Philippe ad Henri- war heros all- are plotting an escape.They’ve had enough of the tortures of confinement: dictatorial captors, untrustworthy fell prisoners, and far too many birthday parties. Indeed, life in a retired soldiers home is almost unbearable. So while keeping each other company on the back terrace, they hatch a plan to escape to Indochina, or at least to a picnic under the poplars.

Featuring :  Nat Jones as Gustave, Michael Easler as Philippe and Robin Burke as Henri.

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Three aging WWI veterans, in a French retirement home, vow to undertake one last adventure...

Feb 28 - Mar 15

The Village Rep

The Village Repertory Co. is a non profit professional theatre company, producing drama, comedy, and musicals with a special emphasis on the finest plays of the 20th Century.  As the theatre company in residence at the Woolfe Street Playhouse, our aim is to bring lesser known classics and new works to life in a unique environment:  The Village Rep creates theatre that breaks down the barriers between the performer and the audience. We create for our community, from within our community, working with Charleston's local ensemble of actors and artists.

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